Check out our latest geo-data

September 12, 2017

We've been busy curating geo-data and we believe you will be very pleased with what we have found.

We have data on all the mineral concessions licenced by the government of Uganda as of June 2017. This includes information on: where the concession is, how big it is, what minerals are known to exist there, which company is licenced to mine this concession, and the status of that licence (active, pending approval, pending renewal etc). Explore or download that dataset (shapefile) here:

We also have data on mineral occurences alone. In some places, minerals are known to exist but no company holds a licence to these areas. That is: they are not mineral concessions. See all the places in Uganda with industrial minerals here: and those with metallic minerals here: Both are shapefiles. This data, and the set on concessions both came from the Uganda government's department of geological surveys and mines.  

We also have data on energy generation sites in th country. On top of showing their locations, it indicates what type of generation is/will be happening there and the operational status, among other things. Explore or download that data here:

One always needs basemaps to contextualise whatever geo-data they throw onto a map. We've got you. From the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, we got and recently uploaded basemaps such as: subregions of Uganda, district boundaries, subcounties within each district, boundaries of the divisions of Kampala. Also, here is the official national boundaries data and these are the boundaries of neighbouring countries to Uganda. 

Let us know if this data is useful to you. If you do use it, show and tell by sending an email to lnamubiru[at]