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  • FinScope 2018

    This dataset shows the levels of access to and use of financial products and services by Ugandans. The data covers areas like household welfare indicators, sources of income,...
  • Revenue Collections 1991/92 to 2016/17

    The data set shows the revenue collections, percentage share of revenue and tax to GDP ratios of Uganda from the financial year of 1991/92 to 2016/17 by URA. It includes data...
  • Artisanal Mining Locations in Uganda

    The data shows the artisanal mining locations in Uganda, the minerals in those locations and the total number of miners (both men and women) at those locations.
  • Development Minerals in Uganda

    The data shows the baseline assessment of development minerals in Uganda, market study and value chain analysis. The data was obtained from ACP-EU ((African, Caribbean and...
  • Financial Inclusion Data

    The dataset shows access to mobile phones among Ugandans and other services that people use. The data covers a total of 3000 households all over Uganda. This data was made...
  • Pupil Enrollment, Teachers, Health facilities, Learning facilities and Specia...

    The data shows the assessment of over 1,000 primary schools on learning in Uganda across 112 districts covering a period from 2010-2015. The data was acquired from Twaweza.
  • Registered and licensed health units in Uganda

    The following data set was compiled by the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council. The data set was current as of 31st December 2016.
  • Acled Violence Incidents 1994-2014

    ACLED makes its dataset of disaggregated conflict data publicly available. A new version of the dataset is released annually, with data from the previous year and targeted...
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